To prepare students for the changing needs of society, academic institutions must continuously update and redesign their curriculum in every field as a result of globalization. There are tremendous developments and inventions taking place in the industry, research, and development at a rapid rate. AIMSCS, an autonomous institute under JNTUH and UGC, is constantly revising its curriculum.

The purpose of these revisions is to strengthen infrastructure, motivate faculty members to conduct research, and involve students in ongoing industry and R & D-sponsored projects. Thus, the institution can develop young amateur engineers into highly skilled professional technocrats in order to fulfill its vision, mission, and goals.

The Academic division of AIMSCS works to ensure that all departments stay up-to-date with the latest technology and adequately meet society's needs. This division creates norms and guidelines for designing course structure and building the syllabus for each subject, which is then discussed by departmental academic committees (DACs) in accordance with the specified norms, possibly in conjunction with other departments. Once a draft copy is made, it is presented to the Board of Studies (BoS) for discussion and eventually, the finalized syllabus and course structure are put before the Academic Council (AC). The AC looks into course structures and other relevant academic matters before giving its approval for implementation.