Mentoring Objectives

1. Provide the students with the most congenial environment to enhance their Growth and help achieve their goals.

2. Groom the student into a confident, competent, self-disciplined individual, fully equipped with academic prowess, practical acumen, and strong personal skills.

3. Assist the students who need extra support to maximize their learning outcomes

Training Objectives

1. Design & organize training programs for the students on strategically relevant competencies along with academics to make them industry ready

2. Provide necessary behavioral inputs thru a structured program so that our students can take up & overcome any challenges at work & the personal front

3. Organize periodical review on the effectiveness of the training programs and establish a process for continuous learning

4. Organize industry visits, and expert sessions to update the knowledge on industrial recent trends

Placement Objectives

1. Visualize and get requirements, connect to the recruiting companies thru placement portal, Visits, Built and maintain good relations

2. Integrate and interface with the industry continuously by organizing, and coordinating frequent guest lectures, industry tours, and implant training and projects of industrial relevance to the students

3. Provide expertise counseling to every aspirant student to define their career interests

4. Setup and strengthen the network with Alumni